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Home Artists

Joe Cartwright

Watercolour Artist:


Artist Custom Framing

We have a full custom framing service for artists. When framing original artworks that are being offered for sale, we take a slightly different approach to designing the framing, than when we're helping you design framing for your own home or a gift. Considering you don't know who the painting is going to be sold to, or what their decor is like, it is important to choose a frame that compliments the painting while keeping it neutral enough to suit most homes.


Artist - Ready Made

Full details describing all aspects of the Ready Made Frames at PMF shall be available shortly on this website

Artist Club

Our "Artist Club" is small art society made up of our local artists who have their framing done with the PMF Warehouse. There are many benefits to joining the Artist Club, discounts off custom framing, discounts off floor stock frames and free workshops and demonstrations.


Artist Framing

Sample.  Full details describing all aspects of Artist framing shall be available shortly on this website.

Local Original Artworks

samara thompson nude.jpg

Original Artworks

gunter seascape.jpg

Local Artists

Paintings on Canvas

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