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Charity Auctions

signed 'GOTYE' Jeans

If you're holding a charity auction for any charity large or small, we can source items for the auction. There are many ways to auction goods, charity dinners with a live auction, a silent auction or a combination of both. One of the largest expenses can be the items to auction. Sometimes organizations will donate items, however sometimes this will only be a few items.

We offer a consignment based supply of auction items. Rather than having the expense of framing items, you can take a number of items on consignment. We supply a reserve price and anything over the reserve price is profit for the charity. Anything not sold, you simply return to us at no cost at all. Items vary from week to week depending on what's available. Music, movie and sporting memorabilia are the most typical items. We can also frame any items you may already have.

Not: Our consignment stock is supplied with no upfront costs at all. You simply pay at the end of the auction, when you return the unsold memorabilia.