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Re-Framing and Restoration

Old pictures, photographs or paintings can be revived with new framing, to create a fresh new modern look. If a picture was framed many years ago, it's likely that acid free materials were not used, so re-framing in new materials can ensure a longer life for your picture.


Other Precious Items

There are many things that people frame, you are never limited to paper or fabric items when framing. Ballet shoes, jewellery, sculptures, sporting items just about anything can be framed or boxed for display.


Tapestry and Needlework

Tapesries and needlework need conservation framing to protect the fabrics and threads from deterioration. We use only acid free materials when framing these items, for more delicate items museum quality materials are available. The glass you use can fade or change the colour of your needlework, conservation and museum glass is availabe to protect your needlework from harmful UV rays.


Original Artworks

Original artworks can come in a number of different mediums. Acrylic, oil, watercolour, guache, pastel, crayon, charcoal and pencil are the most common forms of original artworks. Paintings and drawings can come in varied sizes and are very rarely standard sizes. Custom framing these works is often the only option, but also gives the opportunity to create something truely unique. All original works need to be framed with preservation in mind, and there are specific framing applications for each type of painting, we can guide you with choosing the appropriate materials when creating your custom framing.


Prints and Posters

Nearly all great paintings and photographs are available as prints in one form or another. There are different quality prints, from inexpensive posters to quality open edition prints, to the highest quality limited edition prints. Whatever quality picture you have, we can custom design a frame to suit your decor and budget. 


Custom Framing Service

Custom Framed "Ned Kelly" Sculpture

ned kelly suede on suede.jpg

cooper ink drawings.jpg