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Photographs can be images of just about anything, and the framing possibilties are endless. Photos can be printed on all sorts of materials, photographic paper, matt paper, canvas and even fabric. Any of these materials can be framed, and when designing your frame we can keep the design crisp and modern or creative and intricate. Custom framing gives you the ability to design to a particular decor or style. Photographs on canvas or fabric can be simply stretched over a stretcher frame for a modern frameless look.

If you have an image that you would like printed to canvas, ask about our printing service. You can email the image to us, we can have it printed and stretched or framed without you even coming to our showroom. We can even organize to have your completed picture delivered back to you.


Custom Framing Service

Custom Framed "Ned Kelly" Sculpture

ned kelly suede on suede.jpg

cooper ink drawings.jpg