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Prints and Posters

Nearly all great paintings and photographs are available as prints in one form or another. There are different quality prints, from inexpensive posters to quality open edition prints, to the highest quality limited edition prints. Whatever quality picture you have, we can custom design a frame to suit your decor and budget. 

Posters: Standard movie and music posters are least expensive prints, although some collector's items can be quite valuable. Most posters are printed on thinner lower quality paper. If you have an inexpensive poster it may just need a simple black frame. Whereas a collector's poster needs a little more care to maintain it's value, and a more creative approach to designing a frame.

Open Edition Prints: Most prints fall into the catagory of open edition prints. This means that the prints are not limited to a small run, and may have an unlimited number of prints printed. Open edition prints are generally of a higher quality than a posters, in both the printing process and quality of paper. Designing custom framing for these prints can start simple and inexpensive, or you can turn your print into a fabulous picture to suit your decor. We can help you create the picture that best suits you.

Limited Edition Prints: These prints are limited to a number of pictures printed and are signed and numbered by the artist. These prints are usually printed on high quality paper with the highest quality inks and generally cost more than open edition prints. They are often quite expensive depending on the artist and value of the original painting. Extra care needs to be taken when framing limited edition prints, using the highest quality materials to maintain the integrity of the piece. So when designing custom framing for limited edition prints, we not only take into account your visual needs and desires, but also the preservation of the print.


Custom Framing Service

Custom Framed "Ned Kelly" Sculpture

ned kelly suede on suede.jpg

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